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A comprehensive Avista™ approach determines the right chemicals required to maximize the reliability and productivity of membrane systems. Avista technical and laboratory services support a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of site-specific challenges. This analysis provides a clear strategy to solve customer issues and properly apply the right chemicals. Once Avista chemicals are applied, ongoing data normalization is used to validate chemical performance and set cleaning procedures. By following this approach, we drive operator confidence and help to achieve peak system performance.

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RLX is a multinational company, specialist in refrigerant fluids, with more than 15 years in the market. It operates throughout the American continent, with offices in Brazil and the United States. Now also with a new production unit of HFC’s in the Free Zone of Manaus. With the purpose of bringing innovation and technology to this segment, it is constantly attentive to new demands.RLX’s main motivation is the search for increasingly modern and efficient solutions that increase equipment performance, reduce costs and increase the profitability of its business partners. Always concerned with sustainable development, care for the environment is one of the most important pillars of management.

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Viande is a company specialist in root veggies.  Being from Puerto Rico gives us an advantage on the root veggies universe. We know how to manage these earthly gifts. We’re kind of experts on the matter.  With this purpose, we create soups and pizzas. These soups are rich in nutrients and flavor. And we intensify stepped up the pizza game by implementing a plantain crust.

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DINKKA is a natural soil conditioner with a high content of 100% organic silicon. Enriched with Nitrogen and Phosphorus fixing microorganisms. Whose application must be based on a soil analysis and recommendation of an Agricultural Engineer.Our product contributes enormously to the quality and health of your crop.

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La Longevity Productos Higienicos LTDA. Was born in 1998, in the city of Estrela/RS, looking for meet the growing demand for products from personal hygiene.From its foundation to the present day, the main focus of the company is to present products to customers trusted with excellent quality, representing the care, kindness and love for the next!

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aGUAS 365

We are a distributor of hot and cold water dispensing machines, which meets the highest standards both in the quality of its products and in the service provided to the customer.

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PVC Megaplastic ceilings are high-tech ceilings designed for the South American market. Produced with the best raw materials and with excellent designs.

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Mexican company dedicated to the production distribution trading and export of AGUACATE HASS from Michoacán México, under the AVOGRAND EXPORTS brand
In addition to our own production we have strategic alliances directly with other producers and packaging which guarantees supply throughout the year
The main alliances are with the Michoacan Producers Association ( and APEAM, which have approximetly 10 000 samall medium and large producers)

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The company manufactures a wide range of Furniture hardware including. Door Hardware, Knobs, Hooks, etc. These products are available in a variety of metals like brass, alminum, iron, etc. Each product is made to undergo stringent quality checks to assure their conformity with the international standars.




The popfral brand is about a product lower price than the longevitá brand but without losing in quality.In reality it is a product that has the same materials of the lonfevitá brand but looking to attend one more market popular. It also has its packaging in 3 languages:PORTUGUESE, SPANISH AND ENGLISH

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The booster brand is about a product lower price than the longevitá brand but without losing in quality.In reality it is a product that has the same materials of the lonfevitá brand but looking to attend one more market popular. It also has its packaging in 3 languages:PORTUGUESE, SPANISH AND ENGLISH

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The FRALDOCÃO LINE is a pet line aimed at owners of pets who live inside their houses. Being a high absorption disposable hygienic mat, it has the objetive of facilitating the care of pets and keeping the environment clean.




The UNIÓN brand is a brand focused on the Latin market with packaging in Spanish. It works with a wide variety of raw materials, from premium to the most popular line of alternative celluloses.

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I have the NEED brand as its main brand.It is a brand alredy located in the market brazilian and uruguayan. Bringing several role models, work with the better raw materials reaching a high quality product.

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conde cagliostro

Giuseppe Balsamo, known as the Count of Cagliostro, revolutionized 18th century Europe with his miraculous cures and prophecies. This great trickster was not even honest with his name. The so-called Count Alessandro di Cagliostro was not a count. Nothing in his name had any truth to it. His title was completely bogus and his last name was taken from a wealthy aunt and uncle. Instead, his real name was Giuseppe Balsamo who began his life in Palermo, the seat of Sicily, on June 2, 1743. Born into a very humble family, his mother claimed descent from Charles Martel, the medieval Frankish leader who stopped the Umayyad Caliphate’s conquest of Europe in 732 AD. Despite being from a poor family, Balsamo was brilliant, he was good at roguery in the streets of Palermo and as a teenager he became a novice with the Hospitaller Brothers of San Juan de Dios, dedicated to medicine and religious service . After escaping from Sicily after a series of petty crimes, he traveled through Greece, Egypt, Persia, Arabia and Rhodes and reportedly studied alchemy (perhaps with the order of the Brothers Hospitallers, although the monastic life was not his thing). He left the order – there are sources that say he was expelled – and, at one point in his life, he decided to adopt the title of count and in 1768 he married the beautiful Roman Lorenza Feliciani, called Serafina. This is where he begins his great career of deception throughout Europe. He was fabulously good at the art of deception, forgery (thanks to studying art for a while), so he began to make a name for himself based on his knowledge of secret and sacred rites, which earned him the nickname ” Wizard”. Cagliostro traveled to major European cities, selling elixirs of youth and love powders and posing as an alchemist, fortune teller, medium, and miraculous healer. He even became a fashionable character in Parisian society in 1785, especially among the nobility. The scandal known as “The diamond necklace affair”, in which the name of his wife would be involved, led him to spend nine months in the Bastille prison and then he was exiled from France. Later, his wife denounced him to the Inquisition as a heretic, magician and conjurer, for which he was tried and sentenced to death, but his sentence would be commuted to life imprisonment in the fortress of San Leo in the Apennines, where he finally died on the 26th of August 1795 at the age of 52.

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The wines of Bodega Filgueira have the particularity that they are made only with their own grapes, harvested in their UNIQUE VINEYARD, located on the same property where the Winery is located. This allows total control of all winemaking processes and peace of mind for the consumer of traceability applied to each bottle.Bodega Filgueira makes its wines exclusively with its own grapes. All work done in the field is manual and carried out by trained personnel at the establishment. The harvest, also manual, is carried out with special care so that the bunches arrive promptly in the best conditions at the winery, located on the same property where the vineyards are.

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Lu Cannolu

Lu Cannolo is a young company from Marsala (TP) that has chosen to carry on the oldest Sicilian culinary tradition by combining it with the most modern processing techniques. The products of Lu Cannolo, in addition to respecting all the safety and quality standards required by the rules that regulate the agri-food sector, are prepared by highly professionalized personnel. The products of Lu Cannolo are the best of the Sicilian culinary tradition, combined with the practicality of frozen dishes. For Lu Cannolo, quality is not only the first goal to be achieved, but also a responsibility towards consumers. Panelle, arancine, cassata and cassatelle fully preserve their characteristics, but above all their irresistible taste. The use of quality raw materials and the experience gained over the years allow Lu Cannolo to ensure high quality standard products and maximum safety for customers.

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Life in the countryside has many peculiarities. It is easy to establish differences between the way of life of peasants or shepherds and those who live in a city. The natural environment, work with the land and work with animals are part of a country setting. When the way of life that is carried out in a field is praised, it is called bucolism. The adjective bucolic, which derives from the Latin bucolicus although it has origins in the Greek language, refers to this exaltation and to the literary genre that narrates situations typical of becoming in rural areas. For example: “When he retired, Don Manuel moved to the countryside and began to lead a bucolic life, away from noise and stress”, “I can spend hours and hours in front of a bucolic landscape”. Bucolic life refers to the quiet and peaceful life typical of rural regions as something dreamed or ideal, far from the madding crowd of cities.This tranquility is associated with purity and the absence of vices characteristic of cities.

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ahu rapanui

Easter Island or Rapanui (Rapa nui) is one of the most attractive places in the world. It is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, forming part of the continent of Oceania, but at the same time being part of the insular territory of Chile. It is especially important that the native culture, or Easter Island, is still developed in it. The locals still preserve and practice the customs of their ancestors, highlighting the 887 Moais raised hundreds of years ago, which are still standing and are highly protected. Myth and reality are confused in this territory that gave rise to a unique and extraordinary culture, which makes RapaNui a valuable archaeological treasure that transcends the borders of Chile. The Island attracts thousands of tourists each year, who come to discover its impressive archaeological sites, enjoy its natural beauty and learn a little more about its culture and traditions. UNESCO declared the island a World Heritage Site in 1995. The AHU are platforms that are built with stones, which were fitted together until the rectangular shape with which they are known today was achieved. Once the form was achieved, one or more moais were placed on it. The largest were up to 200 meters long and had up to 15 statues erected. The islanders attached great importance to dead ancestors. They believed that the relatives who died handled a power called mana with which they influenced the present life, giving energy, prosperity to the land and health to the people of Easter Island. When an important leader or member of a tribe passed away, the islanders would build one of these ceremonial platforms to bury him under the rocks (yes, the Ahu have the remains of the native leaders) and then raise one or more moais (depending on how many people were there). buried) in order for its energy to be channeled into this stone giant and bring benefits to the entire island. Burying the highest ranks of the population was an important ceremony and had several steps. First, they wrapped the person with fibers and plants native to the area. Then, right in front of the already built Ahu, the person was lifted up with a stick and left there for up to 2 years. After this time and when the body had already decomposed, they took out the remains of meat and buried the bones on the platform.

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The product category of savory is enriched with perfect mixture of spices that gives the perfect texture of spices and meets thetaste level of Bangladeshi peoples. Now we have 7 product- lines and 40 products and 70 SKUs in the market. We aredelivering Savory products every corner of the country through our distribution partners and modern trade platform. The featured products of Savory are-Aromatic Chinigura Rice, Haleem Mix, Chatpati Masala, Breadcrumbs, Isubgul, Molasses Brown Sugar etc.

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portal del maule

It indicates the “door” of entry to the Maule Valley, famous throughout the world for the quality of its wines. Chile’s largest wine region is also one of the most geographically and climatically diverse, spanning the Andes to the east, flat, sunny valleys along the central corridor, and coastal hills to the west, allowing both red and white varieties find an optimal terroir where they can be grown. With a Mediterranean climate and great influence of the cold wind that comes from the Andes Mountains at night, which increases the daily thermal oscillation and reduces the period of maximum temperatures, helping the fruit to ripen slowly and in good conditions. Unlike many other growing regions in Chile, the Maule Valley has no maritime influence, but maintains a favorable diurnal temperature differential. These climatic conditions impart a distinctive aromatic intensity to Carménère, characteristically full of spices and black pepper from this region, and allow Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to thrive very well.

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The company Aeragrãos was born after we identified an opportunity to create a product that could help improve the distribution of grains in silos and warehouses on the North Coast of RS. Our company has grown and our solution is present throughout the Brazil. Since the first prototype, the company has sought to improve the technology used to improve the results of reducing costs involved in storage and increasing the results of our customers. Our mission is to contribute to the reduction of grain losses and the improvement of productivity and profitability of producers in Brazil.

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marques perez

Coat of arms of the Pérez surname, with headpiece From the use of wearing helmets in war to adorn and defend the head with which the knights were distinguished by their birth and quality also came to put them on the shields by ring with the same differences that were not allowed to ordinary and common people. and that is why the helmet is the sign of true nobility in the coat of arms and no one who is not a knight can put it on his shield. The headpiece is the first piece of weapons and the main ornament of armories, just as the head is of the human body, for whose defense it was instituted. The trap was called by different names in the past due to the difference in its shape, some serving as weapons on horseback and the others on foot, although according to the times and inventions of war. As we mentioned before, these had different denominations and forms, however, each one wore a helmet, helmet, morion or headpiece according to the quality of his nobility, according to the titles and according to the rights he possessed. Formerly, there were certain and fixed rules in the form of the helmets that were placed on the shields of the hidalgos, the knights and other gentlemen of great status, but due to the ignorance of some, as well as the usurpation of others, it became so relaxed. this regularity that it was necessary to give another form in which so much error would not be suffered and for this reason they used to superimpose on the helmets the crowns that are observed today for each of the titles and arranged other distinctions in those for those who did not have these.

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The Mi Sabor product was born from the intention of helping to prevent health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, it is used to season all kinds of food and is available in different supermarkets on the island. The only marinade made in Puerto Rico by nutritionists. It does not contain salt, it does not have sodium, nor pepper and it has turmeric.

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We are a young and dynamic company, formed by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the sector. We have designed this project within the framework of a society that is considering changes in operating models, such as sustainable purchasing and boosting the local economy. We want to contribute to this change. We know that buying in our neighborhood, in our town, in nearby shops, acquiring km0 products, ecological products, among others, is a clear upward trend for a public that is increasingly aware of caring for the environment and health. Trolleys to practice a sustainable purchase From CARLETT, we want to join this trend and that is why For this reason we have created a range of products that will facilitate and contribute to this lifestyle.

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Maderas y Muebles Nicaragua is a factory of comfortable and elegant chairs, made of wood combined with a handmade fabric by the artisans of Masaya, Nicaragua. They have the highest quality of materials to provide durability, comfort and elegance. Our workshop has excellent conditions for the proper care of wood and our craftsmen work each style with delicacy and care to achieve a perfect finish.




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