4 Tips to Conduct Online Exams

Rethink your Exam Structure

Day states that switching from paper to electronic exams offers instructors the chance to reexamine how they conduct exams. “It requires that you question why exams are being held, how they are being held, and what your motivations for doing so.

Administrators from UNE have considered ending an exam time period as it was originally intended for logistical use. Day says that “we needed all the exam venues booked, the desks, chairs, and supervisors ready in their papers there,” Day said. “Now we’re able conduct exams at any hour of the day, from anywhere in the world. We don’t need an exam period. It allows structural changes to be made to the academic calendar. It also gives us a few extra weeks for teaching.

Day says you can also use elements of website and video exploration in your exam. This allows you to expand the types and types of questions that you can ask and the kinds of answers you can give.

Prioritize Student Convenience

Many instructors attempt to recreate a lecture-hall exam by having everyone take an online exam at the same moment when they switch to online exams. Day claims that academic integrity and a majority of universities that I spoke to agree that this must be done. She disagrees. She doesn’t agree.

Day points out that students who take asynchronous exams are able to better manage the many aspects of their lives. She says that students have the choice of sitting their exam at any time: after work, after dinner or after the kids go to bed.

Students at UNE have taken UNE exams from their beds when they were not well, on cruise ships on vacation, or while on military deployment. One student even took his exam under a gum in remote Australia. Day says that while Day doesn’t know why, Day claims that it worked out for him.

Remind students: Online cheating is rarely as successful

Cheating can be found anywhere there are tests. Cheating was punishable by death in ancient China. Day asserts that people still cheat.” “The solution of cheating is, for me, very similar to a campaign in public health or safety — you think about behavior in terms that convert risk-taking behavior to help-seeking behaviors.”

UNE uses ProctorU as its proctoring company for its exams. Students have the option to schedule exams 24 hours a week with a live Proctor. He or she will confirm the student’s identity, monitor the student and flag unusual behavior with the aid of AI technology.

Day asserts that this method can be even more effective in preventing cheating, than the in person centers that universities used. “When there were paper-based exams around the world, an exam supervisor could only supervise a few exams each year and would have no training beyond what we gave them. I saw that they were checking for ID cards and that students looked like the ones on them. They weren’t great at gathering evidence. They weren’t great at asserting oneself if they suspected cheating. Online, supervised examinations are much more advantageous to my mind.

Remember, There is still a human element

Privacy is an important concern when taking online exams. “People will say things like, “Oh, my god, that’s crazy.” Day says, “If someone is looking at me through a video camera, I donโ€™t think I like that, they will see my bedroom.” “We advise you to keep your exam out of your bedroom.

The university acknowledges students’ concerns and allows them to take an alternative exam. Recently, this alternative exam was a video-based one. So far, only about 5% of students have selected this option.

Another concern is that AI or a Proctor from a company will decide cheating cases. However, this is not what happens. Day says that our proctoring partners notify us when they see anything strange. “And then, we, as humans determine what to do about it.” We have a webcam, we have chat logs, and we have logs from the learning system.

These logs, recordings, and logs can be useful for the university as well as the student. Day says, “We donโ€™t need to raise issues if you can see that it was just an oddity that occurred but it wasnโ€™t misconduct.” “Wherever we think it could be misconduct it’s very clear — Here’s video, that’s obvious. It doesnโ€™t turn into an extended proceeding for the students or the institution.

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